Alberta Government Special Needs Assistance

If you have a Dr's or Occupational Therapists letter stating that you need adaptive clothing due to restricted mobility issues in dressing you can claim $300.00 per year through the AISH personal benefits, and $600 through the the AB Gov seniors special needs Programme if weight gain or loss has been a challenge.

About Super-Fly

Jack and Jackie CameronWhen my husband, Dr. Jack Cameron DC, was forced into retirement at age 58 because of an unrelenting degenerative muscle disease, our lives were forever altered and the Super-Fly journey began.

We developed a keen awareness of how challenging everyday activities we had previously taken for granted had become. The use of a canister or catheter to void, or changing an ostomy can be very frustrating and difficult for those who have had that part of their daily independence altered. The once simple acts of dressing and undressing became uncomfortable and, at times, painful. We had to find a solution.

Shopping for adaptive wear was a disappointment. I could not find the kind of clothes my husband was accustomed to wearing. There were no options that offered the quality, style, comfort and design features that would allow me to continue to care for Jack as long as I possibly could in the comfort of our home. In my desire to make life easier for Jack, his caregivers and myself, I started creating more functional adaptive clothing.

It was out of love and compassion that I created the “easy on easy off” Super-Fly clothing for my husband. Now Jack’s closet is full of stylish, comfortable and easy choices that has made it a pleasure to get dressed – and get out of the house –again.

When primary Health Care Providers, OT’s, friends, families and caregivers saw my Super-Fly “easy on easy off” designs, they unanimously declared, “Share this with the world!” Over and over again, we were told how much people with limited mobility needed my design of adaptive clothing. Their persuasion and persistent encouragement motivated me to take my Super-Fly work out of the home and introduce it to the world.

Today, at age 75, retired, it is most gratifying to realize that I have accomplished my goals and objectives in the Business World. Currently enjoying my children and grandchildren, it is time to listen to my heart and respond to all who are supporting and encouraging me to produce Super Fly Apparel. It is with faith, love and compassion that I introduce it to you. Super-Fly has become such a positive and uplifting mission in our lives.

We are thrilled to have gathered around us a remarkable team of enthusiastic, talented individuals who have the passion and vision to launch Super Fly Apparel Inc., and make life better.

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Yourjackies for a better life,