Alberta Government Special Needs Assistance

If you have a Dr's or Occupational Therapists letter stating that you need adaptive clothing due to restricted mobility issues in dressing you can claim $300.00 per year through the AISH personal benefits, and $600 through the the AB Gov seniors special needs Programme if weight gain or loss has been a challenge.

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About Super-Fly

When my husband, Dr. Jack Cameron DC, was forced into retirement at age 58 because of an unrelenting degenerative muscle disease, our lives were forever altered and the Super-Fly journey began.

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Changing Lives One Zipper at a Time

Super-Fly Enabling Apparel has made my life better. It’s as simple as that. Super-Fly has made dressing easier for me – and for my caregivers. I have a wide range of choices for an all season wardrobe, and the easy on easy off features of Super-Fly greatly reduces the time and physical demand of changing…
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