Alberta Government Special Needs Assistance

If you have a Dr's or Occupational Therapists letter stating that you need adaptive clothing due to restricted mobility issues in dressing you can claim $300.00 per year through the AISH personal benefits, and $600 through the the AB Gov seniors special needs Programme if weight gain or loss has been a challenge.

Changing Lives One Zipper at a Time

Super-Fly Enabling Apparel has made my life better. It’s as simple as that.

Super-Fly has made dressing easier for me – and for my caregivers. I have a wide range of choices for an all season wardrobe, and the easy on easy off features of Super-Fly greatly reduces the time and physical demand of changing clothes whether standing, sitting, supine or prone. Super-Fly offers quality, comfort and style. It is also a revision of attitude and a desire to look and feel good.

Super-Fly Enabling Apparel prevents musculoskeletal trauma by minimizing flexion, extension and rotation on joints that have evidence of muscle atrophy and weak joint capsules that can be vulnerable to injury from hyper mobilization. Super-Fly Enabling Apparel also minimizes pelvic rolling and extension of the torso, helping to prevent sprains and strains.

My caregiver, Sandy, was so thrilled with Super-Fly’s easy on easy off features, he exclaimed, “Why did it take so long coming”? Rachael, of my OTs, expressed this when she saw Super-Fly, “Jackie, you have to do this. You have no idea how many lives you will change when doing for them what you have done for Jack.”

Super-Fly Enabling Apparel does change lives – for those with limited ability, for their caregivers and for those they love. I am so happy my wife, Jackie, had the vision and the creativity to help make my life better. It can do the same for you.