Alberta Government Special Needs Assistance

If you have a Dr's or Occupational Therapists letter stating that you need adaptive clothing due to restricted mobility issues in dressing you can claim $300.00 per year through the AISH personal benefits, and $600 through the the AB Gov seniors special needs Programme if weight gain or loss has been a challenge.

The Super-Fly Team

Jacqueline Cameron, Founder & President


Jack Cameron, Vice President

Jack Cameron

Michelle Cameron-Coulter, Corporate Development & Community Awareness


Mona Rae Peterson, Product Development

Mona Rae Peterson

Mona Rae Peterson comes to Super-Fly with an extensive background in founding, owning, building and managing an award winning retail chain of stores across Canada. She also has a background in the healthcare/rehabilitation industry and recognizes how this concept and line of clothing will not only prevent injuries to the clients and their caregivers, it will make life incredibly easier for them to look and feel GREAT!

Dawnie Heartwell, Human Resources


Dawnie is a certified business and executive coach and an inspirational life coach and leader, with a distinguished international reputation. She was awarded the esteemed Global Coach of the Year by her peers. In her business/life coaching practice, Dawnie helps companies grow through investment in the growth of people. Her proven strategies help people define their individual purpose and direction, creating more fulfilling lives and productive work environments…”When people grow, businesses grow!” Organizations and individuals learning to build more meaningful and lasting relationships with customers and colleagues become powerful. Dawnie brings that extensive practical coaching experience to her leadership role with GEMS. Married over 30 years, Dawnie is the proud mother of two fantastic children. She sums up her philosophy in seven words: “If it’s not fun, why do it?”

Craig Bean, Operations & Distribution


Glenn Suart, Strategy & Finance


Glenn has spent 25 years in strategy and new enterprise development at PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting, Nordicity and with his own consulting firm WriteMyPlan.  Based in Calgary, he is the host of the syndicated “Today’s Great Idea” radio feature and an Instructor in Strategy at Mount Royal University.


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