Alberta Government Special Needs Assistance

If you have a Dr's or Occupational Therapists letter stating that you need adaptive clothing due to restricted mobility issues in dressing you can claim $300.00 per year through the AISH personal benefits, and $600 through the the AB Gov seniors special needs Programme if weight gain or loss has been a challenge.

The Board: Why We Became Involved with Super-Fly

DR. JACK CAMERON (retired) – I am Dr. Jack Cameron in a life disabled. I am also the very first benefactor of my wife’s love, devotion and desire  to change my attitude and make my  life more worth living. Over time I became completely dependent on others to execute the physical tasks of shifting and maneuvering myself off of the bed, through the bathroom, then to engage in the dressing wrestling match. This exercise became so time  consuming and energy draining that I was whipped each morning before breakfast. When I resisted doing the dressing part anymore, the scissors came out and sewing machine was humming. Super-Fly was created for me. Now I happily get dressed each and every day. For anyone that is feeling the way I did,you can now experience the same uplifting results that I have with Super-Fly clothing.

JACKIE CAMERON – Super-Fly was created because I followed my heart. It’s one thing to see someone in a wheelchair passing by, but quite another to live it. My husband’s limited mobility, and life in the constraint of a wheelchair goes far beyond that scene. It affects myself, our children, our grandchildren and extended families.  Dressing/ undressing becomes one of the most frustrating and difficult  tasks of this new life. Because Super-Fly has made such an uplifting change in our lives – and eliminated a huge obstacle – I would be remiss if I did not  share it with others. I knew the minute I accepted this challenge, my “busyness” would triple or more. It is with great determination and joy that I have immersed myself in Super-Fly. There is no greater reward than serving for the greater good of others. I am Blessed to be given this opportunity and a tremendous support group to work with.

MICHELLE CAMERON-COULTER – I am continually inspired and amazed by my parents. They not only raised an amazing blended family of ten kids, they always taught us there is a way.

One of the greatest gifts is resiliency and determination. As a child, I had an extreme fear of the water. I even failed my 1st level four times! Who would have ever guessed I would go on to be an Olympic Champion in the sport of Synchronized Swimming.

Life can bring challenges to us all and my parents certainly were hit with a life altering challenge twenty years ago when my father was diagnosed with a degenerative disease. It was devastating to say the least, and the reality and the debilitation of this disease has been taking its toll especially the last couple years.

How my parents have faced their challenges and chosen to embrace them for the better continues to inspire me.

One of my moms mottos is, “Something positive comes out of every situation”. In starting Super-Fly, she truly has transformed a negative into a positive. Her incredible creativity and strong desire to improve lives has made my father’s life easier and given him back pride and dignity.

Introducing Super-Fly to the world is a gift that will transform so many lives for the better, and I am so incredibly inspired and honoured to be part of it!

DAWNIE HEARTWELL – The evening I learned about this incredible new zipper innovation, was a moment I will never forget! I was so excited to hear Jackie describe how she had created a zipper system to help people who had lost the ability to be independent with dressing. What I realized, was that Jackie had just opened up a whole new world for people who struggle with independent functioning, such as dressing. Our Wheelchair community all over the world just got a break through and it came in the form of SuperFly!!!

I believe everyone deserves the right to look and feel good. The way we dress affects our self concept, our self image and our over all self confidence. SuperFly offers an ease to dressing that gives those with compromised health conditions an ability to not waste their energy on dressing. Precious energy is then conserved and can be available for other important daily activities.

The rippling affect of SuperFly, it was very apparent, would also assist the caregivers, helping them to effortlessly assist their love ones and patients. SuperFly would have a huge affect on decreasing the risk of injury for the person and the caregiver.

SuperFly transforms “limited opportunities” into “UNLIMITED possibilities” for functionally dependant people. I know SuperFly is the answer to millions of people world wide who want to live their life with dignity, respect and grace. I am so proud of Jackie and Jack as founders and creators of SuperFly, and to be participating on the SuperFly Team.

Congratulations on creating pride and happiness for so many with the SuperFly zipper system!!!

MONA RAE PETERSON – The founders of SuperFly – Jackie and Jack Cameron – inspired me to get  involved in their dynamic and inspirational concept. Jackie and Jack are two individuals that truly exemplify dedication and commitment to making people’s lives more accessible and truly fashionable – no matter your disability!

GLENN SUART – Well its a great idea … but just as important, it has an impressive team of talented, thoughtful and committed people behind it … and is led by one of the most action-oriented couples I’ve ever met.